PROPRIETARY First Equity Copyright 2018 © First Equity Group, Inc. – 54 – First Equity Development U.S. Department of Defense: JSF International Industrial Participation (Sole contract support – 2003) • FED participated as a contractor to assess Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter partner country strategies and the financial impact on their defense industries • Comprehensive case studies of eight partner country governments and twenty five major industrial suppliers to JSF were written • FED staff worked directly with and traveled with DoD personnel to Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark • In addition, a compendium of 250 companies from these countries that could become JSF suppliers was compiled • FED was also responsible for the integration of the entire study, which included nine appendices as well as the final hard copy production and distribution of over 50 full color copies • The study was published as “JSF INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL PARTICIPATION: A STUDY OF COUNTRY APPROACHES AND FINANCIAL IMPACTS ON FOREIGN SUPPLIERS,” and is available on the Internet at